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Ubuntu Printing Error, Line = 514

Fair warning: this is one of those tech type posts. Recently, I updated my system from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The upgrade was flawless, with one exception: I was unable to print to my Canon printer using

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Seth Godin and Broadway

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s email where each day my inbox receives his latest blog post. The man writes often. Every day. So each day, by noon, I’ve read one of his posts. Some I quickly skim. Others I read,

Life can be simple

I loathe drama. If there’s a simple way to do something, it’s generally also the best way to handle a task. Ah, the wisdom we can learn from imgur. ;) To sum up the photo: Why Complicate Life? Miss someone?

East Coast / West Coast

This week, I spent a day in Seattle. Since I live 3,000 miles from Seattle, that single day cost me 3 (one day there, one day to fly there, and one day to fly back). I’m an East Coast guy.

Thanks for nothing

So, working the phones over at the bakery today while coding some dialplans… when a call comes in from a South Florida area code… I’m calling to get a custom cake for a 70th birthday party. Normally, these types of

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Customer Service is Key

I’m a lucky guy. Besides having a smoking hot wife, I’ve also been able to meet some incredible people — some incredibly smart people. One of these people, John Spence, is a great author, speaker, consultant, and advisor who makes

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Have you tried DuckDuckGo yet?

With a tag-line of friends don’t let friends get tracked, new search engine Duck Duck Go certainly new how to grab my attention. Ok, I said new but in reality it’s a few years old… I’m just slow and it’s new to me.

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2013, The Year That Was

I do use a variety of statistical data to review the websites I administer — and while I will monitor and review the others very often, I review about twice a year… and with that long winded introduction, I

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