Make America Sick Again

Ugh… please tell me you’re sick of the two party system. My wish for the New Year would be for people to open their eyes and look outside a two-party system that has sucked the marrow from our country’s life. I haven’t even started, and I already have digressed. Anyway… today, the buzz around town… Continue reading Make America Sick Again

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Same truck, 200k miles

I’ve owned a few Fords in my life — from the ’78 Ford Bronco to my current 2003 Ford Expedition. Today, my truck crossed 200,000 miles. I’m not one overly attached to my truck. I love it, don’t get me wrong. It’s very comfortable, drives well, and the air works great. This being said, if… Continue reading Same truck, 200k miles

My New Watch

You may not have known… I love watches. Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved having different watches and have amassed quite the collection. Now, this isn’t a collector’s collection — this is a collection of watches that Fred wanted. Sure, I have some nice ones here and there (my parents brought me back… Continue reading My New Watch

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Who wins a price war?

So, while I was discussing pricing regarding a Kamailio support request, the potential client responded with: we got an Indian company they just asked $10/hr and they have good experience in this field So, I’m definitely not billing at $10/hour. A good Kamailio tech with experience will be almost 20x that price. So who really… Continue reading Who wins a price war?

Not Choosing Nissan Again

Here’s the back-story: Before we married, Yeni bought her first car. An exciting time for Yeni, having just moved to the US, buying her first car was a pretty big deal. She chose a Nissan Versa, in bright blue, which was promptly named Bluecito. It’s a little car, but it’s a fun little car. Drives… Continue reading Not Choosing Nissan Again

Bakery Cupcake Scam

Besides writing about Perl, phones, geek items, and rants… I help my beautiful wife with our bakery business. She’s an amazing cake artist… but this isn’t about Yeni… and I told you that to tell you this… The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place. People will take advantage… Continue reading Bakery Cupcake Scam

Taxes on my Taxes

So, yesterday I got my electricity bill and it was a little over 180 bucks. It’s Gainesville and hot, so I expected a decently high electricity bill. Add air conditioning with more cooking (and a bunch of hot showers) and $180 is expected. Of course, my real electricity bill is $150. There was $30 in… Continue reading Taxes on my Taxes

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