Police Rant

A Lesson in How Not to Twitter

When Yeni and I were dating, her apartment used Comcast for Internet. Like armies of other customers, I experienced numerous problems and after hours on the phone expressed my outrage on Twitter.

I didn’t expect assistance. I simply wasn’t happy and wanted to express my anger, to… well, to the entire world. Surprisingly, my small tweet was noticed by Comcast, who replied to me, contacted the appropriate people, and actually resolved my problem.

Shocked? So was I.

Family Police

Congratulations Richard Armstrong!

We had the very awesome pleasure of creating a fun retirement cake for our good friend Richard Armstrong.

Gainesville Police Cake
Dream Day Cakes, Gainesville
money Police

Florida First Credit Union Phishing Attack

So, today at work I got a call on my cell from a blocked number. I normally don’t answer blocked numbers, but for some reason I did. Anyway, text-to-speech engine identifies itself as Florida First Credit Union and that my credit card was suspended. I hung up.

I honestly assumed this was a legit call. You see, I recently changed my cell phone to AT&T and get a few calls a week for the former owner. Then, about an hour or so later, Yeni gets a call on her cell from 377-372-5939. She didn’t recognize the number (and also gets a few wrong numbers) and handed me the phone. 

Gators Police

GPD Chief Announces Retirement

Update June 11, 2009: The Chief is now leaving in early July – 4 months earlier than he had advised.

Norman Botsford, the current Police Chief of Gainesville, Florida, announced that he would be retiring from his position. Although the following Gainesville Sun article highlights his history, they don’t mention how in recent years he has helmed a department who’s morale has dropped faster than, well insert your metaphor here… it’s way low.

This is a good thing.

Here’s what the Gainesville Sun said:

Gators Police UF

Don't tase me, bro!

Has to be my new favorite phrase. If you haven’t see the video (or videos), You tube is going crazy with them… You can find some at this link here. Or play the small selected catch phrase portion below…

Anyway…. I don’t know if it were a set-up or whatever… but I can’t say it looks like the police handled this very well at all… and anyone who knows me, knows it’s very hard for me to be critical of law enforcement officers… Agencies? Sure ( anyone?)… but not officers… except if it’s something as pathetically handled as this little taser incident.

Go gators.