Marco Rubio Wants Encryption Backdoor

Recently, as part of an EFF push to “save” encryption, I wrote to my Senators and Congressman to encourage the government to ensure security is not weakened with backdoors to encryption. My Congressman has a difference of opinion with me regarding most things Internet related– so I don’t expect a response. Here below is the… Continue reading Marco Rubio Wants Encryption Backdoor

Independence Day

Tomorrow is July 4th, or Independence Day here in the United States — where we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. At the time, what is now the United States existed as 13 colonies of Great Britain. For many reasons, none of which I’ll discuss here, the colonists decided… Continue reading Independence Day

Ted Yoho is Wrong about the Internet

Recently, Representative Ted Yoho penned an opinion piece explaining that the FCC recent reclassification of the Internet, protecting Net Neutrality, is a bad thing. Ted Yoho is Wrong First, the Internet is not 20 years old. Dial-ups existed in the United States more than 25 years ago, but that’s another story. The Internet was made… Continue reading Ted Yoho is Wrong about the Internet

Senator Marco Rubio Responds re NSA (again)

Recently, I again wrote my Senators and Congressman about the NSA collection of data. This was done as part of an organized campaign — The Day We Fight Back — on February 11th, 2014. Partnered with, there were pre-written letters to send your representatives: As your constituent, I am deeply concerned about the National… Continue reading Senator Marco Rubio Responds re NSA (again)

Marco Rubio Responds re NSA

I recently wrote my state Senators and my representative to let them know I didn’t want the NSA monitoring my communications and that I did not want them monitoring any communications in such a blanket manner as currently done. Basically, to monitor based on probably cause for specific suspects.

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Vote Big Fred

… cookie that is. 😉 Check out this amazing graphic for the Big Fred Cookie™:

1.65 private workers

There are 1.65 private workers for every person on welfare. Comment on Reddit.

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