Meet the New Boss

My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.  We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.Barack Obama

Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again”


Today I got irked. Irked as hell and totally cannot understand why more people do not express frustration. Maybe people just gave up. Maybe we’re approaching an American society that doesn’t view democracy and freedom in the same way that our founders dreamed. My state of mind comes from three main sources: taxes, information, and accountability.

Yes, the economy sucks. You know what? It did before. You know what?


Telemarketers Schmelemarketers

GRRRRR Telemarketers!
GRRRRR Telemarketers!

Today I posted some recordings I made using something I like to call the “Annoyatron.” Basically, using Asterisk (the open source Internet Telephony software) allows me to handle incoming calls based on a variety of issues.

Bottom Line: If I know you’re a telemarketer, you get the annoyatron.

The full article is posted on VoIP Tech Chat.

You know… while you’re checking out the link above, try other articles on VoIP Tech Chat… lots of great things to read. Some are even… dare I say… entertaining?

Take for example that link above… it has audio of the annoyatron in action. And not just one example. Please, that would be amateur. Friends, I say friends, we here have for your listening pleasure not 1 but 2, I say TWO great examples of the FIS Annoyatron. Come one, come all, welcome to the show!


Short and Sweet – Monica Conyers Guilty in Bribery Scandal

UPDATE — Monica Conyers has resigned from Detroit City Council effective July 6, 2009. Detroit News Article

This morning, in a Detroit Federal Court, Monica Conyers plead guilty to charges of Conspiracy to Commit Bribery. The presiding judge, Avern Cohn, advised the court that “the defendant now stands convicted.”

At this point, Conyers is still a councilwoman for the Detroit City Council. The Detroit city charter requires Conyers to resign “immediately” the minute she is convicted of a felony, but apparently, in Federal Court this is viewed as when the Defendant is sentenced.

Detroit Rock City shines again. The bottom line though…

Monica Conyers Pleads Guilty

She took bribes. She is married to US Congressman John Conyers (who had not commented as of yet).

Great article here for more information.


Is Monica Conyers Corrupt from Bribes?

DETROIT, MI — The Detroit News reports that my favorite politician, Monica Conyers, reportedly needs to consider a plea offer from the Federal Government regarding a corruption investigation of City Hall. Apparently, the feds want an answer from Conyers by the end of the day (June 16th).

The short story concerns Rayford W. Jackson’s recent guilty plea in Federal Court on Monday. Jackson pleaded guilty to a bribery conspiracy in which “Council Member A” was given more than six grand in bribes in connection with a 1.2 billion dollar contract. This same “Council Member A” had also been bribed by another person, James R. Rosendall, Jr.

esposa Rant

US Airways Cancels Flight, Again

Remember when flying was fun?
Remember when flying was fun?

As a boy, I loved going to the airport. I remember being fascinated by the TWA terminal at JFK, awed by the escalator down from LAX, and excited to see the ocean immediately after take off from Fort Lauderdale. Airports also meant seeing family, visiting new places, and let’s not forget all the cool planes. I associated air travel with very positive emotions.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Detroit…

Today’s world finds me loathing any experience with airports, airlines, or at this point just air travel. For the third time in a year, US Airways cancelled my flight. I like numbers, so let’s look at it this way… I’ve taken 3 trips on US Airways since April 2008. Each of the three have had a cancelled flight, and, two of the three delayed overnight; requiring a hotel stay. So, in percentage… 100% of trips on US Airways have a cancelled flight and 67% delay arrival by a day or more.


Monica Conyers – a great example of why government fails

Last night, after watching the ER finale, the news showed me something I could not believe. The President of the Detroit City Council, Monica Conyers, provided an interview to Fox News giving a statement which I would only expect to be heard on Jerry Springer. Monica Conyers stated:

No, I did not. I did not say she needs to get a man. But does she? And not be with everyone else’s man. Does she? I am just asking you. This is what her people say about her. I don’t know. (yes, there’s a video)


Raise Taxes Michigan, Really? Really?

taxreadyThe smartest thing I have ever done was not leave Florida permanently. After spending 20 plus years living and working in Florida, I’ve certainly seen my share of embarrassment. From Terry Schivo to Elian Gonzalez, the 2000 election to the Anna Nicole Smith Baby Daddy trial, Florida certainly helps give late night talk show hosts a punch line now and then.

But this isn’t a post about Florida. This is a post about two law makers in Michigan that want to raise income tax.

Right now, the State of Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the United States. Right now (March 2009), the Michigan unemployment rate is 12%. And with GM getting ready to lay off thousands more in May, this number will rise quicker than it will fall.


Campaign For Liberty, Stop Calling Me!

So, back in 2007 I actually liked what Ron Paul had to say. I liked how he answered questions, but who knows… I also liked what Ross Perot had to say. In fact, maybe it’s just the R.P. initials that makes me interested. We’ll find out for sure if Ru Paul becomes a candidate…

Anyway… I made the mistake of contributing a very small donation to Ron Paul’s campaign. Well, Ron Paul became the Campaign for Liberty and now, they somehow think I want to be a member. And they won’t stop calling me.

I’ve asked them 5 times, left messages, sent emails… but the calls keep coming. So, today I tried a new approach. I’m demanding money from them. Here’s the letter:

March 25, 2009

Campaign for Liberty
Attention: Amanda Lee
6186 Old Franconia Rd Ste B
Alexandria VA 22310

Dear Amanda Lee,

Pursuant to provisions provided to me by the laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America, I hereby demand that you cease and desist making phone calls to me and provide immediate payment in the amount of $3,000.00 USD.

Payment to me in the amount of $3,000.00 USD and the ceasing of all phone calls will satisfy this issue. Non-compliance of my request by April 30, 2009 will result in the filing of a civil suit seeking the full fines/penalties afforded to me by law; well in excess of the amount requested above.

This document has been sent after requesting verbally, via your message system and live agents, that phone calls stop no less than 5 times; starting from February 12, 2009 through March 25, 2009. A list of known calls:

  • 2009-02-12 16:26:45 2027309944
  • 2009-02-17 06:10:24 2027309944
  • 2009-03-07 08:22:16 2027309944
  • 2009-03-11 17:40:47 2027309944
  • 2009-03-13 12:10:02 2027309944
  • 2009-03-14 08:14:02 2027309944
  • 2009-03-16 16:58:29 2027309944
  • 2009-03-17 06:44:17 2027309944
  • 2009-03-18 12:00:50 2027309944
  • 2009-03-21 08:40:51 2027309944
  • 2009-03-24 13:12:56 2027309944
  • 2009-03-25 10:53:58 2027309944

Payment should be made to:

Fred Posner
My Address

Very Truly Yours,

Fred Posner

Let’s see what happens.


Ann Arbor News Says Goodbye

Ann Arbor . com website
Ann Arbor . com website

The Ann Arbor News (in Ann Arbor, MI of course) recently announced it’s closure. After 174 years, the Ann Arbor News could not see a way out of economic difficulties and will be relaunching as an online media company — But this post isn’t about the closure… for information on that check out:

This post is on why I do not grieve the Ann Arbor News closure.

To be in business for 174 years is truly an amazing feat, and congratulations is due. Of course, the business became part of and was more of a conglomerate lately than a truly local paper.

This weekend, Yeni and I went to Meijer’s (the local supermarket) twice (long story). Both times we entered Meijer’s, we were greeted by two salesmen in a booth selling subscriptions to the Ann Arbor News. The approach was that one individual would stand in the entrance way and ask you to talk with him. When you said “No, thank you.” (like I did) he continued his pitch, and his style was effective — many elderly people were signing up for new subscriptions.

Businesses can and will fail. It’s the nature of, well, it’s the nature of business. Surely we can feel sadness for the persons who will lose their jobs and we can also feel sadness for the closure of a local institution, but to me, I feel more of a loss for the new subscribers I saw this weekend.

Traditionally, the elderly do not get their news online. I feel that selling subscriptions “hard” over the weekend for a business announcing it’s closure on Monday is in poor taste. And sadly, sometimes the last taste in your mouth is how you remember the meal.

I asked The Ann Arbor News what would happen to these new subscribers. They said:

“You’ll keep getting the paper as you do through July. We’re still working out what happens after that. You won’t lose what you paid though.”

To me, if they want my support, they’ll issue immediate refunds to anyone that bought a subscription this month. Full and immediate refund.

But, as Dennis Miller would say… That’s just my opinion.


Selected Quotes about Government

Dealing with Ann Arbor’s Downtown Development Authority (the A2DDA) definitely elicits an emotional response. Sadly, the happy emotions did not make the cut. Anyway, the experience finds me recollecting some of my favorite government quotes…

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. — Thomas Jefferson

The point to remember is that what the government gives it must first take away. — John S. Caldwell

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. — Benjamin Franklin

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. — Thomas Jefferson

I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer. — Benjamin Franklin

It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority. — Benjamin Franklin

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. — Benjamin Franklin

Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns. — Benjamin Franklin

Once upon a time, government budgets were balanced, our money was sound, the streets were safe, and taxes imposed by all levels of government took less than 10% of our income. — Harry Browne