Kamailio 4.2.3, Update from git

Kamailio 4.2.3 has been released. Kamailio SIP Server v4.2.3 stable is out – a minor release including fixes in code and documentation since v4.2.2 – configuration file and database compatibility is preserved. So, if you’re updating from git, the simple way to update is: cd /usr/local/src/kamailio-4.2/kamailio (or your kamailio directory) git pull origin make all […]

Private Conversations should be Private

It’s a crazy concept… I feel that liberty allows us to communicate free from government interference. Whether this be business, personal, religious, or any other type of communication… our freedom of speech entitles us to freedom from monitoring our speech as well. With information from Edward Snowden (and now William Binney), we should be very […]

Kamailio World 2014

Sadly, I did not make Berlin this year to attend Kamailio World — something I hope to correct in 2015. If you, like me, are unable to attend… there are technological tools to lessen our loss: Conference Schedule (conference.kamailio.org) Google+ Kamailio Community Jitsi Video Bridge at Kamailio World Twitter #kamailio @KamailioWorld Don’t know about Kamailio? […]