A Quick Look at my County Taxes

Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown (I’ve rounded the percentages): Board of County Commissioners: $666.82 (31%) Library: $113.91 (6%) School Board: $931.65 (46%) Water District: $32.14 (2%) Unincorporated Services: $31.88 (2%) Sheriff: $129.17 (6%) Fire Protection: $103.51 (5%) So, the biggest amount seems, by far, to go to the School Board. I spend over $900.00… Continue reading A Quick Look at my County Taxes

Good, Fast, Cheap — Pick Two

It’s not a phrase I invented… I wish I did, but it’s been around for ages. Engineers will tell you they invented the Good, Fast, Cheap ideology with their “project triangle.” Web designers say that that own the idea for their pricing. Whomever invented it, the bottom line remains that no matter what you’re paying… Continue reading Good, Fast, Cheap — Pick Two

Happy Thanksgiving (2010)

For me, each year revolves around the fourth Thursday in November. Thanksgiving remains my New Year’s Eve, my Christmas, my Hallmark moment. From the four corners of the earth, members of my family gather at my parent’s home in Fort Lauderdale for the festive meal– but it’s more than just a plate full of turkey… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving (2010)


There are many things in this world that I like. If you’ve talked with me for any amount of time, the fact that I like eggs surely came up in conversation. Back in 2000, I really (and I mean REALLY) liked The West Wing. (I cannot believe 2000 was ten years ago) My good friend… Continue reading Shibboleth

Dream Day Cakes – Gainesville Bakery

A little self promotion never hurt… in theory. ūüėČ I have great news. Yeni’s been baking now for well over a year and her cakes are simply amazing. Living in Gainesville provided us the perfect¬†opportunity¬†for Yeni to follow her dreams and try doing something she truly loves. And with that introduction, I introduce Dream Day… Continue reading Dream Day Cakes – Gainesville Bakery

Maker's Mark 46

We all know that I love Bourbon ‚ÄĒ after all, there’s a Fat Freddy Says page dedicated to the subject. Although Yeni has put a nix on my cigar smoking, I do still enjoy a good Bourbon¬†whenever¬†I get the opportunity. I also try to share my love of Bourbon with all, which¬†genuinely¬†works out very well… Continue reading Maker's Mark 46