Not Choosing Nissan Again

Here’s the back-story: Before we married, Yeni bought her first car. An exciting time for Yeni, having just moved to the US, buying her first car was a pretty big deal. She chose a Nissan Versa, in bright blue, which was promptly named Bluecito. It’s a little car, but it’s a fun little car. Drives… Continue reading Not Choosing Nissan Again

Why I Hate ATT

I have a hate / hate relationship with ATT. A call I just had with tech support re-emphasized why I hate this company (and why we are leaving them in a month). Yesterday (Christmas), Yeni and I took an amazing ride through Florida. We started in Gainesville, ended up near Daytona, and headed back through… Continue reading Why I Hate ATT

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Thanksgiving Message (2013)

For the last 16 years, I’ve enjoyed Thanksgiving at my parent’s house in beautiful South Florida. Surrounded by family, the festive meal places family on the porch of the house, seated around an incredibly long table, with more food than one should eat in a single sitting. For a few of those years, when I… Continue reading Thanksgiving Message (2013)

Kamailio Behind NAT

After returning home from AstriCon 10, I decided to start-up a new server and see how long it would take me to run a working Kamailio server behind NAT (on a private IP). Bottom line? About 30 minutes. I was lucky to help staff the Kamailio booth this year and was honored to help so many… Continue reading Kamailio Behind NAT

Marco Rubio Responds re NSA

I recently wrote my state Senators and my representative to let them know I didn’t want the NSA monitoring my communications and that I did not want them monitoring any communications in such a blanket manner as currently done. Basically, to monitor based on probably cause for specific suspects.

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John Spence: Five Keys

Yeni and I have been lucky enough to get to know John Spence. John is an amazing business resource and fortunately (for us) lives in Gainesville. Even though his writings and talks are geared towards business success; his advice is perfect for life success. Success! I tell you that, to tell you this… Recently, John… Continue reading John Spence: Five Keys