Siracha Dreams

I’ve loved Siracha for some time now… and having built up a decent tolerance over the years, would consume a pretty decent amount. It could be the constant mentions in the news, or the Hipster love, but regardless the reason I seemed to have let my supply of the red sauce go dry… for about… Continue reading Siracha Dreams

Private Conversations should be Private

It’s a crazy concept… I feel that liberty allows us to communicate free from government interference. Whether this be business, personal, religious, or any other type of communication… our freedom of speech entitles us to freedom from monitoring our speech as well. With information from Edward Snowden (and now William Binney), we should be very… Continue reading Private Conversations should be Private

Seth Godin and Broadway

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s email where each day my inbox receives his latest blog post. The man writes often. Every day. So each day, by noon, I’ve read one of his posts. Some I quickly skim. Others I read, think about how it may apply to me… and digest it. Others just click. Take… Continue reading Seth Godin and Broadway


Went to WDW yesterday with the Mrs… we’re annual pass holders which allows us to go when convenient. Normally, we’ll pass on the heavy season (to avoid the crowds), but we also take an opportunity when it presents itself. Long story longer…

My New Watch

You may not have known… I love watches. Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved having different watches and have amassed quite the collection. Now, this isn’t a collector’s collection — this is a collection of watches that Fred wanted. Sure, I have some nice ones here and there (my parents brought me back… Continue reading My New Watch

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Sticks and Stones (Walgreens Bitch Incident)

To make an incredibly long story short… let me ask you this: What would you do if a call taker called your wife/mother/daughter/etc a bitch? While you think about that, here’s a clip of Yeni talking to Valentin from Walgreens: No audio? No problem… here’s a quick transcript: WALGREENS: Before I connect you, is there… Continue reading Sticks and Stones (Walgreens Bitch Incident)