Expanding Asterisk with Kamailio

I was honored to have been chosen as a speaker during Astricon 2015. Thanks to the miracle of modern, digital technology you can now see my presentation online from the comfort of your own chair. Relive the excitement… or watch it for the very first time. =)

Kamailio Gets New Logo

To paraphrase the song, Feeling Good: It’s a new dawn It’s a new day It’s a new logo For Kamailio And I’m feeling good I’m feeling good Just in time to ring in the new year, Kamailio has introduced their new logo. Keeping in the nature of an open source project, the logo selection was… Continue reading Kamailio Gets New Logo

FCC Unwanted Call List? Not Yet

Recently, the FCC decided to publish their “informal consumer complaints about unwanted robocalls and telemarketing calls” to the interwebs. As someone critical of government transparency, I first want to give credit where due. Releasing this information is a great step forward. Good job! Now, if you’re using an open source VoIP system (such as Asterisk,… Continue reading FCC Unwanted Call List? Not Yet

Join me in Orlando for Astricon 2015

Astricon 2015 will be held in Orlando, Florida from October 13-15, 2015. This year, I am honored to be speaking at the yearly Asterisk conference and exhibition. Besides listening to yours truly discuss the benefits of Expanding Asterisk with Kamailio, you will also be exposed to such experts as Daniel Constantin-Mierla, Leif Madsen, James Body,… Continue reading Join me in Orlando for Astricon 2015

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A Lesson in How Not to Twitter

When Yeni and I were dating, her apartment used Comcast for Internet. Like armies of other customers, I experienced numerous problems and after hours on the phone expressed my outrage on Twitter. I didn’t expect assistance. I simply wasn’t happy and wanted to express my anger, to… well, to the entire world. Surprisingly, my small… Continue reading A Lesson in How Not to Twitter

Independence Day

Tomorrow is July 4th, or Independence Day here in the United States — where we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. At the time, what is now the United States existed as 13 colonies of Great Britain. For many reasons, none of which I’ll discuss here, the colonists decided… Continue reading Independence Day

There You Go vs Thank You

Recently, Yeni sent me to the grocery store to grab some milk for the bakery. So, like most people in the Sunshine State, I headed to Publix and went to the dairy case. A minute or so later, after fighting my tiredness and the tempation to buy a Twix, I slid my card through the… Continue reading There You Go vs Thank You

Ted Yoho is Wrong about the Internet

Recently, Representative Ted Yoho penned an opinion piece explaining that the FCC recent reclassification of the Internet, protecting Net Neutrality, is a bad thing. Ted Yoho is Wrong First, the Internet is not 20 years old. Dial-ups existed in the United States more than 25 years ago, but that’s another story. The Internet was made… Continue reading Ted Yoho is Wrong about the Internet