Back from a great, long weekend

To celebrate my youngest cousin’s high school graduation, Yeni and I headed to Albany to join the celebration. Instead of flying, we packed very lightly and took the Harley 650 miles east from Ann Arbor to Albany, mostly following I-90 (we were going to go through Canada, but that’s a different story). The trip to… Continue reading Back from a great, long weekend

Still in Florida

I’m still in Florida, but headed back to Michigan on Wednesday. I’ve been enjoying the warm weather, although it was 98 degrees yesterday in North Florida… much, much higher than Ann Arbor. Anyway, this last weekend I: Celebrated mom’s birthday with my family (including my sister and our spouses) Had an AMAZING meal at Joe’s… Continue reading Still in Florida

Quick and Dirty News

No, it’s not a reference to Cinco de Mayo… but just simply, the quick and dirty news for Fred Posner. Let’s see… recently I: Got married (blogged @ Reviewed the Gandy Dancer at Fat Freddy Had an AMAZING cake from Cake Nouveau (review coming) And those are the biggies I guess. 🙂

A2 Cloud Camp

I attended Ann Arbor’s Cloud Camp yesterday at Google (in… Ann Arbor). Was a great “un-conference” about cloud computing and such. Took a few pictures and enjoyed the afternoon.

Ann Arbor News Says Goodbye

The Ann Arbor News (in Ann Arbor, MI of course) recently announced it’s closure. After 174 years, the Ann Arbor News could not see a way out of economic difficulties and will be relaunching as an online media company — But this post isn’t about the closure… for information on that check out:… Continue reading Ann Arbor News Says Goodbye