Passing time at Disney

Living in Florida allows you to enjoy great beaches, beautiful weather, interesting news, and incredible discounts to Disney World. The discounts make sense— we residents become “ambassadors” to the park and generally buy food, drink, and gifts during our visits. Yeni and I purchase an annual pass each year. We meet family at the parks,… Continue reading Passing time at Disney


Went to WDW yesterday with the Mrs… we’re annual pass holders which allows us to go when convenient. Normally, we’ll pass on the heavy season (to avoid the crowds), but we also take an opportunity when it presents itself. Long story longer…

Train at Disney World

During a great trip to Disney that the esposa surprised me with, we caught a great view of a 2nd train passing. =)

Eating at Walt Disney World

Living 2 hours north of Walt Disney World, Yeni and I purchase annual passes yearly. Not only do we love going to Disney, it remains pretty much our only entertainment. As much as we love Disney World, and with as often as we go, we do notice some changes (over the years) that leave us… Continue reading Eating at Walt Disney World