2013, The Year That Was

I do use a variety of statistical data to review the websites I administer — and while I will monitor and review the others very often, I review FredPosner.com about twice a year… and with that long winded introduction, I present… 2013: The Year That Was at FredPosner.com.

Different Month, Different Design

It’s that time of the year again… the time where Fred decides to: Talk about himself in the third person Change the website design Look forward to Thanksgiving Digress Well, we all know that #3 and #4 happen all year long. Man I love some Thanksgiving. (uh oh, looks like I’m talking in the first… Continue reading Different Month, Different Design

The Melting Pot Should Not Exclude

In the late 1800’s, after an explosion of immigration to the United States, a new metaphor started circulating — The Meting Pot. Referring to the fusion of different cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, and ethnicities, “The Melting Pot” became part of American culture in the early 1900’s. Although the metaphor intends to help create a national identity,… Continue reading The Melting Pot Should Not Exclude

National Right to Work Foundation Propaganda Crap

Ever watch Penn & Teller’s Bullshit? Man I love that show. If you haven’t watched Bullshit on Showtime, check it out… it’s great… but I digress, and in the tradition of Penn & Teller… And then there’s this Asshole… Meet Jim Risch, United States Senator I don’t know how I get on these lists, but… Continue reading National Right to Work Foundation Propaganda Crap

Astricon, here I come!

It’s October and that means I’m going to Phoenix! Astricon, the meet-up of Asterisk users / developers / fans / etc, starts October 13th, and this year I received the honor of presenting. My talk, Asterisk Applications: Unexpected Hurdles, showcases the Ann Arbor Parking “Smackdown” earlier this year. As an added benefit… my Wife will… Continue reading Astricon, here I come!

qxork, Fred Posner, and the INS

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends 🙂 And in no random order… qxork.com So, you ever give out an email address and the person questions the spelling, asks you to repeat the work, or just in someway makes it a non-pleasurable experience? Of course you have… Well, after explaining that it… Continue reading qxork, Fred Posner, and the INS