Still in Florida

I’m still in Florida, but headed back to Michigan on Wednesday. I’ve been enjoying the warm weather, although it was 98 degrees yesterday in North Florida… much, much higher than Ann Arbor. Anyway, this last weekend I: Celebrated mom’s birthday with my family (including my sister and our spouses) Had an AMAZING meal at Joe’s… Continue reading Still in Florida

I have a yellow crowbar now

Yellow Crowbar, Utility Knife… Punk bands from the 80’s? Spackle, Measuring Fee… Things you bought at Home Depot And we have a winner. 🙂 Home Depot has carpet marked significantly lower than my previous estimate. They are running a 199 whole home installation (plus 15 bucks to move furniture)… and promised to have it done… Continue reading I have a yellow crowbar now

Carpet Estimate — Ouchie!

First… let me tell you how big the Spiders are in Gainesville. They are what I like to call HFS big… (Holy Fucking Shit Big). Except for Peter Parker, I’ve never liked spiders… but at least growing up they were managable annoyances. Spiders in the South are large and in-charge. They are huge… beyond big…… Continue reading Carpet Estimate — Ouchie!

Back in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, FL — So I’m back in Gainesville trying to get the house ready for selling. I had chosen a realtor who made some amazing decisions that would be sure to get me that “quick” sale. Here’s the short story: Apparently my built-in entertainment center was something that made the house un-sellable, and according to… Continue reading Back in Gainesville