Thanksgiving 2020

Normally, I write these posts the night before Thanksgiving… after all, Thanksgiving remains my absolute favorite holiday. A time to gather with family (remember…. friends are the family you choose), express gratitude, and eat great food.

The gather part this year didn’t happen thanks to the pandemic. Losing the bakery and not seeing family/friends since February made it hard to focus on what we have to be thankful for… not as hard as when Ricardo was murdered, but honestly it’s been a shit year.

I do have so much to be thankful for… losing the bakery hurts, but it won’t kill us. I am grateful that Palner celebrated 20 years in business last month… 20 years is absolutely something deserving gratitude.

I cannot come close to express the gratitude I have for a healthy, happy daughter… who will be celebrating another birthday tomorrow. I’m also grateful for my family’s health.

I have amazing friends and family that did so much for my family this year. What the open source community did for my wife is something that I will be forever grateful (and huge thanks to people like Dave Horton, Lorenzo Emilitri, Mike White, Tony Lewis, and a few others who kept the bakery open for a couple months longer).

A horrendous, horrible hurricane season and I’m very grateful to report we didn’t even lose power, let alone anything worse.

Physically distanced, but thanks to amazing software from the open source community as well as the community itself, I’m grateful to not be alone. With matrix, I chat with friends daily… with Kamailio I keep a roof over my head and talk to people throughout the world… and with webrtc, I see my parents almost every day.

It’s been a tough year, and the road ahead still looks a little rough. I’m incredibly grateful to share this journey with you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


The Palner Group @ 20 Years

Twenty years ago, I started The Palner Group, Inc. with the goal of providing technology consulting as a service. 2000 feels like a century ago (I’ve not thought about the millennium bug for some time now) and I’m using this anniversary to reflect on having this company for two decades.

The Palner Group logo circa 2000
Original Logo circa 2000

The Palner Group, Inc. isn’t my first business. A few years earlier I had started a nutritional supplement sales company (Vitastorm) with a great friend of mine, Rick Pallisso.

I really didn’t know anything about business and Rick was awesome– an amazing business partner. With Vitastorm, I had written the online sales and CRM “system” (access db, but again… 90’s). Once the technical challenges were ironed out, I realized that the technical side was best suited for me and approached Rick with the idea of starting another business.

He was all on board and The Palner Group, Inc. was born (PALisso and PosNER = PALNER).

Within a year, we both went through some personal “growth” and as the business had only lost money (and Rick wasn’t really working with it) I “bought him out” and became a group of 1.

A few years later, when my dog Forrest died, I re-branded as Team Forrest for a bit. Over the last few years, I’ve let that fade away.

He spoke with tears of fifteen years how his dog and he traveled about. His dog up and died he up and died. After twenty years he still grieves.

Neil Diamond (Mr. Bojangles)

I kept my client list small, mostly working as a contract worker for a main client. In the first five years I moved away from Windows, and started a love affair with Linux and Open Source Software.

During my work with, I was introduced to openser and asterisk; and both software projects reignited my love of telephony. Of course, this isn’t a reflection of my love of Kamailio… for that there’s a separate post and video.

My first goals with Palner, was to obtain a client in the Fortune 500… and once that was achieved, I wanted one in the top 100. To complete that goal, I partnered with LOD Communications in 2007. Most of the work from Palner is now billed through LOD. It’s been a great partnership.

Current logo
Current Logo

I’ve learned to keep setting goals… after a top 100, my goal was a Fortune 25 (once that was hit, I stopped Fortune goals).

My ultimate goal was to become part of the Kamailio management team, and that dream came true last December.

New goals are more project orientated.

I continue to learn, try to focus on making myself healthy, and most of all, do my best to maintain an extreme level of gratitude.

I’m incredibly lucky to have had a business for 20 years, and incredibly lucky to continue to work with clients that more times than not… become friends.

Thank you for everyone that helped me do this for the last 20 years.


Kamailio World (online) 2020

This has been a really different year. After attending ITEXPO back in February, I was looking forward to a great visit to Berlin for Kamailio World.

Attending conferences is one of my favorite parts of working with open source VoIP software, like Kamailio, and to not have these personal connections to community is definitely offsetting.

After the in-person conference was cancelled, a virtual Kamailio World was held this past September 2-3 to celebrate the 19th birthday of Kamailio.

If you didn’t get to attend (virtually), it’s not a problem. Videos have been posted to the Kamailio World YouTube channel.


I love my wife

Been a rough few months for the wife’s business and sadly, we had to announce the closure of Bearkery┬« earlier this week.

For 10 years, I’ve watched Yeni pour her heart and sole into the bakery and although we saw it coming and prepared, the end was nonetheless heartbreaking.

She’s done some amazing work… gained some incredible press (now and then)… and started the bakery from absolutely nothing. I couldn’t be more proud of my amazing wife.

For 10 years, Yeni helped countless people celebrate life’s events. Weddings, new babies, divorces, birthdays, funerals, graduations, to you name it– every celebration deserved a cake from Yeni. She’s been copied (her Batman and Places You’ll Go cakes especially), some of her cakes were turned into molds (without asking her of course), and she’s been featured on Cake Wrecks in the good way. =)

She’s dealt with gossip, bad business practices, and unfair competition… and did so with kindness and class. She remained true to her principles and never once compromised on quality.


Simple TLS Gateway

Well, 2020 is certainly a strange year… Some of us have been working from home for a very long time while others are now just understanding the benefits. Of course, when a drastic change in work environment becomes a forced change, the implementation can be quite daunting.

Let’s look at telephony for example.


Kamailio, RTPengine, Centos8

Had to install kamailio and rtpengine on centos8 recently… hopefully this saves you some time:

esposa Family

Happy Anniversary

Yeni and AnneMarie wearing a fake nose and glasses.
11 years and 1 branch (shown above)

Paso a Paso

Hoping that everyone is staying safe and seeing the impact to many of my friends has been nothing short of devastating. Our favorite local restaurants have resorted to take-out and if they’re lucky are getting 25% of the business they’d normally receive. (Quick shout out to Blue Water Bay here in North Florida and if you’re anywhere near Maggie Valley, NC, check out Frankie’s)

The bakery has seen all events for the rest of the year cancelled… which includes weddings, graduations, caterings, and well… everything. We’ve been very grateful for all the orders to the bakery’s online store (and Yeni literally yells “woo hoo” when an order comes in).



Had a great time visiting with members of the open source VoIP community in Fort Lauderdale for open source world / itexpo 2020.

I was excited to discuss Kamailio and other aspects of communication as well as get some important hardware discussions in person… it’s an interesting time as hardware and software vendors seem to be merging left and right.


Goodbye Citibank

In 1990, while a freshman at UF (Go Gators!), I applied for and received my first credit card. The card, from Citibank, was a “college special” with a whopping credit limit of $600.00 and fees/penalties as high as the Federal Government would allow.

This said, there was no yearly fee and I knew at the ripe age of 18 that if I paid my balance on time, my cost was 0.00. Granted, I didn’t have much money (like generally a bank account of 200.00 or so) and got the card in case I needed food and didn’t have the cash.