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2011 Thanksgiving Message

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I’ve been writing these Thanksgiving messages every year for more than 10 years. I’ve written them when I was thin and in shape, fat and out of shape, married, single, living with Forrest, mourning his loss, and well– a lot of things have changed in the last 10+ years.

I’ve written about the history of Thanksgiving, about losing friends, losing family, gaining family, gaining friends, and more. 

I’ve talked about driving thousands of miles, flying across the world, the journey, the walk, and the festive table.

I’ve discussed weather, fortune, gratitude, and more.

In ten years, I’ve lost many people and gained many more.

A decade ago I had no idea that I’d be where I am now. None. I have no idea what ten years from now will look like. What I do know, is what I always know, and have known for at least the last 10 years…

I am extremely thankful for you. My friends and family are the rock that anchors my life. Thank you for another great year.

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