When I ordered a steak from Peter Luger Steak House, I received the best steak I have ever eaten.

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I don’t usually start a review with the quick one-liner, and I usually don’t wait 2 years to write a review. But then again, Brooklyn’s Peter Luger Steak House is not your usual steak house. And why did I ever wait 2 years to write a review about the best steak I ever ate? It all begins with my very good friend Ricardo Barrenechea.

Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ricardo took pride in steak. Constantly, Ricardo would tell me that until I’ve eaten a steak from Buenos Aries, I simply had not eaten a steak. Argentina does have the highest per capita meat consumption in the world, and since we lived on opposite ends of the earth, I simply did not argue.

Due to the great distance between us, Ricardo and I would only get to see each other (on average) once a year. When we did get together, we ate, drank, and just enjoyed life. He’s perhaps the only person to ever destroy me in an eating contest. It’s true. At a Morton’s, Ricardo downed a Fat Freddy Special (the porterhouse for two for one) before I was halfway finished, and simply stated, “the steak in my country is much better.” I figured that if someone could out eat me, on an excellent steak, then I must concede and believe that the steak from Argentina would be nothing short of amazing.

I never brought up the subject again; until New Year’s Eve 2007, when I enjoyed the greatest steak of my life at the Peter Luger Steak House. I told Ricardo about my meal, and my honest belief that Peter Luger would make him rethink his beliefs on American steak. He received the news well, and we looked forward to a future visit. I told him after the meal, I’d write the review.

The visit will never happen. Ricardo’s life was cut short and I never found the motivation to write this review. But, time heals wounds, and until I can travel to Argentina and test my friend’s beliefs, I will continue to believe that I have already eaten the best steak a man can eat.

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Table Service

I visited Peter Luger’s on New Year’s Eve with a party of eight. The service we received was nothing short of excellent. Our waiter, who greeted us with “How many steaks are here?,” was personable, friendly, and extremely attentive. When a glass would become low, a new one would arrive. Bread was replenished without having to run out, and at all times we knew that we were being looked after. The wait staff are consummate professionals, and set the bar for how one should be treated at a restaurant.

The Peter Luger Porterhouse

When you order a steak from Peter Luger’s, go for the porterhouse. Butchered and marbled perfectly, the porterhouse arrives incredibly tender and in need of only one addition — bacon. You must, I repeat, you MUST order a side of bacon. It’s just fantastic.

For sides, our party enjoyed potatoes, creamed spinach, bacon, and bread. There were no complaints. There also wasn’t a tremendous amount of talking. You know how when something is really good, the table quiets down a little while people just enjoy the meal? That is Peter Luger’s.

Visa, Amex, MasterCard walks. Cash Talks.

Peter Luger’s accepts cash and their own Peter Luger card. Do not make the mistake of trying to pay with a credit card. When you visit, bring cash; and bring a good amount. A meal at Peter Luger Steak House is not cheap — if you’re going to drink, think $75.00 or more per person.

If the price scares you, ask yourself one question: How much would you pay for the best steak you will ever eat?

5 Boilers
A Fat Freddy Favorite


178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 387-7400