The first time I tried Thai food, I wanted to cry. It was in Berkeley, California and it was just simply the worst food I had ever tasted. Everything had coconut in it– even the iced tea. I couldn’t eat a thing and vowed then and there to never eat Thai again.

Sukhothai, Fort Lauderdale
Great Thai Food

Well, about 10 years later, after immense pressure from Fat Freddy’s parents, I headed to Sukhothai for a family dinner. I figured that if my grandmothers liked this restaurant, there would have to be at least something for me to eat. (Plus, Pop offered Cannoli’s if I couldn’t find something to eat)

And with that set-up, I introduce Sukhothai– a fantastic Thai place in the heart of Fort Lauderdale.

First, you notice the atmosphere: Classy without Fancy. Waiters dress black tie, but (appealing to the Fort Lauderdale crowd) casual dress fits in fine. Jeans are a-ok, but you may want to second-guess wearing shorts. While you glance over the menu, sample one of the red wines. By the glass pricing is definitely a little on the high end, but the wine will get no complaints.

The menu is several pages and the staff is more than happy to explain, in detail, each dish you question. I have never gone wrong with their Pad Thai or similar dishes– shrimp, beef, and/or chicken awesomely mixed in and served over a bed of pan-fried noodles.

With a range of traditional Thai dishes to local variations, you’ll definitely find something that will appeal to you. You also may wish to start with an appetizer, for example the Chicken Satay. Served on little open flame grills, this dish tastes great and even entertains.

Pricing, excepting alcohol, is on the inexpensive side. Most entrées are anywhere from 8 – 12 dollars (and are very filling).

Don’t be concerned about spice… Unless you request otherwise, dishes are prepared very mildly. If you like to sweat while you eat (like Fat Freddy), have the kitchen pump up the volume to super hot. Very, very good.

4 Boilers

1930 East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 764-0148