I need to lose weight

It’s getting ridiculous again. Sometimes I feel like I’m out of breath just walking to the pisser or to get up and get the phone. So, I’ve always said that sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you realize how far you’ve fallen.

Well, if I’m not at rock bottom now, then the next step is diabetes or a feart attack. So, let’s try to avert that and stop eating canoli’s like they’re going out of style.

I’m going to try to start moving my fat ass and burning some calories the old fashioned way… by exercising and eating less.

Anyway… here’s to nothing!

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By Fred Posner

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and LOD.com. For ten years, Fred helped his wife, Yeni Monroy, run Bearkery®, a family bakery in Gainesville, Florida. The bakery sadly closed during the COVID19 pandemic. Contact Fred at qxork.com.

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