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Let's see how this goes…

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So normally we have Monday off — but today Yeni and I packed up the truck with some cakes and headed to Lake County for a delivery.

On the way back to Gainesville, we stopped off at the Wing Stop in Ocala. The Wing Stop is a Hooters knock-off with very good wings. Wings so good that Yeni suggested we stop there.


waaaaaaaay too many wings and nachos we headed home.

You ever eat so much that you still are eating your dinner hours afterwards? I’m still eating them now.

When we got home I needed a walk-about. During the walk it hit me.

I’m fat.

I mean I’m really fat.

I don’t recognize the man in the mirror. I don’t see that person in my head.

So instead of ignoring what I see, its time to change what I see.


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