Jawbone Jambox Reset
Let’s reset this Jambox

So, at the bakery we use the Jawbone Jambox. We actually use two of them… we have the regular Jambox (in blue of course for Yeni) and in the kitchen we have the Big Jambox.

I’ll tell you why I love the Jambox in a bit — first let me tell you what to do when your Jambox doesn’t light up or when your Jambox doesn’t respond.

Resetting the Jambox

This is actually one of the easier resets I’ve done, but like anything… once you know how, it seems much easier. Without further ado:

  1. Make sure your Jambox is off (like in the picture above)
  2. Make sure your Jambox is NOT plugged in
  3. Press and hold the big round button on the top of the speaker
  4. While you’re still holding, plug the Jambox into a power source
  5. It should light up immediately

For me, it was that easy. Simple as pie.

Now, Why I Love the Jambox

One of my favorite pizza places in Gainesville is Mamma Mia NY Pizza (off 23rd Ave and Main St). One night Yeni and I are eating dinner and chatting with the owner Sean… the music sounds awesome.

First Sinatra… then Martin… back to Sinatra… it was awesome.

I told him that his system sounded great — and Sean just smiled. “System?” he said… “it’s a Jambox.”

I went home and ordered one for the bakery that night. Now, Yeni jams in the decorating room listening to whatever she wants. We connect it via bluetooth to her iMac. It might be iTunes… or Pandora… or an MP3.

Whatever she chooses, it just sounds amazing.

People cannot believe that we have the sound coming from this little box tucked away in the corner.

Now for the kitchen, I needed something that could pump up the volume to 11. The system had to drown out the mixers, the over, the fridge, and the sink… all at the same time.

So, for the kitchen I chose the Big Jambox. It’s out of site and sounds amazing.

We power it from a first generation iPod touch.

Up until tonight, the two had worked flawlessly (about 3 – 4 months or so); pumping out the beats about 10 hours a day.

Today, for no apparent reason, Yeni’s Jambox stopped responding. No lights. No music. No nothing.

It made me sad.

Nothing seemed to work… and then, low and behold. Sometimes things just work after a reset.