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Jawbone Jambox Reset

Jawbone Jambox Reset
Let’s reset this Jambox

So, at the bakery we use the Jawbone Jambox. We actually use two of them… we have the regular Jambox (in blue of course for Yeni) and in the kitchen we have the Big Jambox.

I’ll tell you why I love the Jambox in a bit — first let me tell you what to do when your Jambox doesn’t light up or when your Jambox doesn’t respond.

Resetting the Jambox

This is actually one of the easier resets I’ve done, but like anything… once you know how, it seems much easier. Without further ado:

  1. Make sure your Jambox is off (like in the picture above)
  2. Make sure your Jambox is NOT plugged in
  3. Press and hold the big round button on the top of the speaker
  4. While you’re still holding, plug the Jambox into a power source
  5. It should light up immediately

For me, it was that easy. Simple as pie.

Now, Why I Love the Jambox

One of my favorite pizza places in Gainesville is Mamma Mia NY Pizza (off 23rd Ave and Main St). One night Yeni and I are eating dinner and chatting with the owner Sean… the music sounds awesome.

First Sinatra… then Martin… back to Sinatra… it was awesome.

I told him that his system sounded great — and Sean just smiled. “System?” he said… “it’s a Jambox.”

I went home and ordered one for the bakery that night. Now, Yeni jams in the decorating room listening to whatever she wants. We connect it via bluetooth to her iMac. It might be iTunes… or Pandora… or an MP3.

Whatever she chooses, it just sounds amazing.

People cannot believe that we have the sound coming from this little box tucked away in the corner.

Now for the kitchen, I needed something that could pump up the volume to 11. The system had to drown out the mixers, the over, the fridge, and the sink… all at the same time.

So, for the kitchen I chose the Big Jambox. It’s out of site and sounds amazing.

We power it from a first generation iPod touch.

Up until tonight, the two had worked flawlessly (about 3 – 4 months or so); pumping out the beats about 10 hours a day.

Today, for no apparent reason, Yeni’s Jambox stopped responding. No lights. No music. No nothing.

It made me sad.

Nothing seemed to work… and then, low and behold. Sometimes things just work after a reset.

By Fred Posner

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and For ten years, Fred helped his wife, Yeni Monroy, run Bearkery®, a family bakery in Gainesville, Florida. The bakery sadly closed during the COVID19 pandemic. Contact Fred at

62 replies on “Jawbone Jambox Reset”

Wow! Thanx so much! I thought my Jawbone Jambox was dead. I followed your instructions, and “Bam!” I was back to listening to Pandora here at my desk at once jamming to my Steely Dan station. Thanx again!! Gabe

Same here. Thanks so much for the clear and easy instructions to revive my Jambox. It worked, too!

Thank you so much for this simple reset tip — it was almost brown-trousers time for me 🙁

Incredible. This is how to write instructions. I couldn’t get my box working until 10 seconds after I read this. Thanks.

Hi. Have you ever experienced songs on iTunes just stop playing when paired with big jambox? Nothing shuts off. Song just stops and keep having to hit play…

Hi Amy,

I’ve had this with iTunes radio (but not on locally stored songs). When it happens, if I close and restart itunes the problem goes away.


Thanks for the info Fred! I thought my Jambox was a now a brick – it is now charging. Thank you for sharing and posting

Thank you so much for this post I thought I was going to have to meet my treadmill in the morning without my jambox that would have been a horrible hour without my music. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Wow, thank you. It worked! Fantastic, simple, took 2 seconds to find this advice on google and 1 second or 2 to fix the problem. Happliy listening to Music in bed, lullaby. Nigh night

Having trouble with sound, I have the volume on the box maxed out and on my phone I’ve had it for about 3 months now but it sounds like its only going about half way for volume any ideas?

Mate, You are a genius. It almost ended up in the garbage bin. Thanks a lot. Keep making people smile.

Thanx I was thinking that my jambox is now a heavy piece of metal but I follow instructions it now noise much

Thank you!! I love my Jambox and after great service from it for 2.5 years it stopped working this morning. After googling and reading comments about soldering two points together I came across your reset explanation. It took 30 seconds to fix without a soldering iron insight and I am happily listening to my Jambox again.

Thanks for the tip! My hubby was so sad his beloved Jawbone stopped working…..then I found your blog, did a reset, and became the hero of the day!! All is good!

Fred the volume on my minijambox is much too low. I’ve paired it with my iPhone 6 and the volume is lower with the jam box than it is from my phone. Any suggestions?

First, make sure your iPhone volume is not too low (in other words, increase the volume on your iPhone after you’ve paired). If this doesn’t work, try a reset. If that doesn’t work, try pairing with a different device.

With your box turned on and connected via BT hold + & – button at the same time. Should heat “live audio off”. Then you should see a major volume increase.

I have an issue with my big Jambox and I don’t know how to fix it! It will not turn on unless it is connected to a charger. Is there any solution to this?

MY GOD I was about to order a new one I was playing mine last night and it just didn’t do anything after I read this its working perfect again. You Saved Me THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!.

this does not work for me unfortunately… my big jambox stopped pairing with my phone for some reason so I tried a soft reset. That didn’t work so I shut it off. I tried to turn it back on and get nothing. It shows no signs of life and doesn’t appear to charge.

Do you have any other tips??

I’m having a problem with my Jambox Big. It only works when its plugged into a power outlet. It says that it is always charging. Does this just mean my battery is crap? I’ve tried charging it with the wall outlet and the micro usb port.

Wahoo! Mine was not turning on. I did what you said and BINGO!! It worked! I think the Jambox was completely drained of battery and so it needed a reset. So I can’t pair it to anything yet, till it has sufficient power to utilize Bluetooth. Thanks so much!!!

I’m glad this worked for so many people, but for me a reset hasn’t worked. I can pair the jambox with my Iphone or my Ipad, but when I start to try and play music via spotify or any other source, the light blinks white, then just stops, and no sound what so ever. Has anyone seen this and been able to solve the problem. Also, I never hear the ‘announcement’ anymore “Jambox is in pairing mode” — although, as mentioned, I am seemingly able to pair fine. But no sound 🙁 I would love it if someone could help me solve this one !!

thanks so much. i was ready to take the jambox apart to see if it had a fuse or something. i followed your instructions and got it working again.

add me to the list of appreciative listeners. i figured my jambox had served well and was ready to replace its charging again. did i read that the company was sold?

Hey All, slightly different scenario but does anyone know the alternate method of putting the Big Jambox into pairing mode (other than with the normal pairing button- which seems to be disconnected inside the unit). I know it’s possible with some combination of buttons because I found a how-to article online a few weeks ago but I cannot seem to find that anymore. Sadly Jawbone chat support didn’t know either…

Thanks in advance!!

This worked for me !!
Thanks for the advice, I’m glad I didn’t need to replace my mini jam box

My Big Jambox suddenly decided not to charge the battery. Unplugging it made it turn off. I could not get it to charge and suspected a dead battery but there were no signs of it dying, which made me think software or circuitry issue. Just did this simple trick and plugged it in, now it indicates it is charging!

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing how to reset my mini jambox. I say “mine” because my sister left it here after bumming on my sofa for 6 months and I didn’t see the equity in mailing across country to her. LoL

Thanks so much! Ours hasn’t been used in a couple of years and I couldn’t get it to work. Fortunately I found your instructions pretty quickly in my search for what to do. 🙂

Thanks so much. I bought mine in London in 2013 and it is fantastic for going anywhere. Thought I had lost it after over 6 years of loyal service. It’s ready for another 6 years now I reckon!

My jambox powers on I just can’t get it to connect to bluetooth. I tried several Iphones as well as a android. Any suggestions on how to get it to connect? I looked on line to try and update the flash but the Jawbone updater is dead and the web page comes up.

If only the other electronic experts I have dealt with were as helpful as you – this would be a better world.

Thanks a million – I really like my Jambox.

My Mini -Jambox, when the switch was pushed into the up pairing position, it did not say it was pairing mode, and would not pair. I followed the reset instructions but my Jambox DID NOT LIGHT UP as the directions expected when power was connected and round top button was pushed but switch was still in off mode. Nevertheless, when I pushed the switch on and immediately into the up (pairing) position it announced it was in pairing mode and worked instantly to connect to my iPhone 11 Bluetooth app.
Thank you Fred!

Five years later, and people like myself are writing to tell you how awesome this tip was. Like the others, I thought my Jambox had given up the ghost. Now, it’s perfect for playing Ghost Town, which describes the streets of my city these days.

I have a BIG JAWBONE that my SON, MONTY gave to me. It is VERY SPECIAL because shortly after I got it my SON PASSED AWAY, VERY UNEXPECTEDLY, FROM A MASSIVE HEART ATTACK (52 YEARS OLD). When I turn it ON it works fine for about 2/3 hours THEN IT TURNS OFF. I can plug it into a wall outlet and I can power it up & use it just fine. I came across an article about a RESET that I am in the process of trying now and hoping this might fix the problem? If not, I guess I will purchase a new BATTERY REPLACEMENT and see if that might fix it.

Still saving lives during Lock down in Dublin Ireland! Well done!
Back from the brink!

I had not powered on my Jambox for at least 4 years. It powered up fine but when I went to pair it, it would not pair, so I turned it off and then it would not power on again. I found this solution and it worked!! I am able to pair and now I am rocking out! Seven years since you posted this fix and it is still helping us out. Thank you!!

It’s June 2020 and your post still helping countless people like me troubleshoot their ‘supposedly dead’ Jambox! Thank you for posting! The wonders of the internet and social media! Stay safe.

Wow! 7 years later and I can agree with all the comments here! Thank you Fred! I hadn’t used my Jambox in about 2 years and thought I was going to have to trash it because it was dead. Then decided to search the internet because I always seem to find all the answers there and lo and behold! It’s working again thanks to your simple instructions! Yay!

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