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This week, I spent a day in Seattle. Since I live 3,000 miles from Seattle, that single day cost me 3 (one day there, one day to fly there, and one day to fly back).

I’m an East Coast guy.

I’m not saying this as a negative to Seattle — I’m just saying that there are major differences in the way East Coast and West Coast people go about their lives.

I’m also certainly not throwing a “we’re better than you” gauntlet down. Hell, I live in Florida. My state (or even Florida Man) does something “interesting” on a daily basis.

It’s not better. Not worse. It’s just different.

Seattle was one the cleanest cities I have ever seen. Also… so many beards.

I enjoyed my time there. I had a cup of “slow coffee” with Flowroute (their place is amazing by the way). Slow coffee. On the West Coast, it’s something you order. On the East Coast, it’s bad service. 😉

Enjoyed the day. It’s great to look at things from a few thousand miles away.


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