How good is Rescue Me? How good? I can’t even sum up the fucking words to give the due credit this show deserves. I was going to sum up my feelings of the show is nonsensical song lyrics, such as: Rescue Me is simply the best. Better than all the rest. Or perhaps: If I could trap time in a bottle, the first thing I’d want to do is watch Rescue Me.

But then I thought, nah… there’s only two words that can describe this show: Fucking A. That’s it.

Those two words sum up everything you could possibly express… Hey Fred, you watch Rescue Me last night? Fucking A. How funny was Rescue Me last night? Fucking A. How sad was it when Tommy found the glove? Yeah, Fucking A. How hot was Marissa Tomei? Fuck King A.

Speaking of Ms. Tomei… I’ve had a thing for her ever since I saw My Cousin Vinny with Peter Egan in the middle of the old Oaks Mall theater… the one that’s now the food court. There’s something about an attractive, dark haired woman with a New York accent that drives me crazy. She had me at “yeah, you blend” or “world fucking traveler.” At one of those moments, I knew that one day I wanted to be Mr. Marissa Tomei.

Anyway, one night a week I give myself an hour of no work, no phone calls, no blackberry. Just complete and total Fred time. And that one hour I spend sitting in front of the big screen, watching Rescue Me and truly realizing that the best show on TV is Tuesday’s at 10pm on FX. Check your local listings for channel information. 🙂