Siracha Dreams

I’ve loved Siracha for some time now… and having built up a decent tolerance over the years, would consume a pretty decent amount.

It could be the constant mentions in the news, or the Hipster love, but regardless the reason I seemed to have let my supply of the red sauce go dry… for about 6 months.

Last night, my wife surprised me with a new bottle, that I christened on an amazing stir-fry dish we made.

I dove in to the bottle like a madman, getting a look of shock from the in-laws.

It was good. Sometimes, you just don’t realize what you’ve missed.

Waking up this morning I was reminded of one of my favorite side effects of the lava… vividly awesome dreams. I’m talking Ashton Kutcher having me test drive an electric car in a Cannonball Run type of dream.

Ah Siracha, I missed you.

By the way, the car handled awesomely (felt great driving a manual) but I was scared that blasting the air would deplete the battery. Man, it was a vivid dream.


Rick Pallisso 2014-11-06 Reply


Not being a fan of “spicy” I have not ventured into tasting this nectar you call “siracha”. However, if the promise of vivid dreams with Ashton Kutcher and sports cars is real, I may have to forego my distaste of this magical potion and give it a try.

I provide this link for your perusal, which includes 27 ways of cooking with siracha. Perhaps after your expert analysis of said recipes, you can recommend a good way for a novice to commence on the siracha journey.

Fred Posner 2014-11-06 Reply

Best way… tough question… Black beans, rice, and just a drop or two for you to get the taste… you’ll build up a tolerance.

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