Headed to Arizona

I’m flying from Detroit to Phoenix to attend Astrocon– a conference of Asterisk users. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to attend a conference on a product I both like and am interested in; so I’m pretty excited.

We woke up real early this morning and picked up Yeni’s mother who will be visiting us for a few weeks. I was hoping to sleep on the plane but my neighbor is a seat hog who moves in a violent jerking motion; it’s lovely.

Have I mentioned how much I love flying?


bleuser 2008-09-26 Reply

Yes, flying. Now like being on a crowded bus. Remember the Red & Tan’s? I wonder. Very late, finally turned off the colon cleanse infomercial. You know, Cablevision ran about 8 emergency broadcast tests during the 1st 45 minutes of Letterman tonight. Censored the whole monologue. Called and they said it was a mistake. Sure. But I bet you don’t even watch pedestrian TV. So, are you the one? That geniuskid who used to go to 135? I wonder.

Fred Posner 2008-10-07 Reply

Wow, thanks for the most unusual comment ever received at FISPosner.com.

bleuser 2008-11-21 Reply

Was in Ann Arbor last Saturday. Went to visit my son at school. Went to the football game. Brrrr…son said to wear everything I own and I did but wasn’t enough for the rain! My cheap old down parka from Princeton Ski Shop covered by my cheap navy poncho, no match for Michigan, even if Northwestern was. Saw a guy wearing a UMich Math Dept tee shirt and a staff ID at the Student Union and wanted to walk up to him and say “I bet you know ‘fat freddy'” but it felt like that might seem too obtuse, even intrusive, so I didn’t. Who am I? Just some journey scientist, basic science biochemist-retread turned environmental scientist, a little lonely, sorry that I had to move away and never get the chance to ride that bus down Pelham Parkway to Science after I had made the coveted “cut” to get in. Connected here by google, trying to recoup 40 years. Makes me feel better somehow.

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