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Alex Balashov Discusses High Performance Kamailio Tuning

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I’ve discussed why I love Kamailio many times on this site — and the Kamailio community remains a strong reason for my love of the project.

Alex Balashov, a VoIP Engineer and member of the Kamailio project, is a VoIP expert and his knowledge of Kamailio, SIP, and telecommunication is without question. He also happens to be the fastest typist I’ve ever seen (seriously, it’s almost distracting).

Recently, Alex posted a great article on

tuning Kamailio for high performance and high throughput. My bias aside (I’m lucky to call Alex a friend), the article is an excellent discussion of the difficulties at play when faced with a question such as, “How many calls can I put through that box?”

The concepts at play here are interwoven and require strength in system administration, network engineering, VoIP, hardware, etc.

I have one simple complaint with the article: I wish I had read it 5 years ago.

It’s an excellent read and something anyone dealing with high performance should review.

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