[Zippo Screen capture from Freds iPhone][1]
Screen capture from Freds iPhone

We know that I love Zippo lighters. If the economy was based on Zippo lighters, I’d be a rich man — but alas… that’s discussion for another rant. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah… Zippo lighters.

Well, my new favorite iPhone app is the “Zippo Lighter” program. What does it do? It’s a virtual zippo lighter. You choose the lighter you want and using the iPhone’s motion detection you flick the lighter open. Light it as normal, and when done, flick it closed.

The distinctive Zippo sound? Yes, it’s there.

When you tilt the lit Zippo, the flame responds. Very fun to play with if you’re a zippo fan like me.

Quick Tip — To take a screen shot from your iPhone, simultaneously press and release the home and sleep buttons.