Friends, this Valentine’s day you will find me in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the 2018 Asterisk World!

Sure, I could have chosen to help out at the bakery during this time… or even to spend Valentine’s Day with the Mrs… but this was an easy decision. 

You see, first of all… there’s Fort Lauderdale— one of my favorite places in the world. Second, not only will Dan Jenkins be there, we’ll also be joined by David Duffett, Simon Woodhead, Eric Klein, Nir Simionovich, and more! I even know for a fact that the FreeSWITCH team will be at ITEXPO as well!

I mean, given the choice of spending Valentine’s Day with the beautiful and talented Yeni Monroy or Dan Jenkins— the choice couldn’t be easier.

All kidding aside, Asterisk World is a great event, in a great location, where you’ll meet great people.

I look forward to seeing you there! (and maybe we’ll grab some conch fritters at the Southport Raw Bar)

[Dan Jenkins, Fred Posner][3]
Dan Jenkins, Fred Posner