6 Weeks In…

So, AnneMarie entered our lives about 6 weeks ago, and despite all of the amazing advice from all my family and friends, I underestimated the amount of disruption a newborn brings.

Sleep is now a highly valued commodity. Yeni has the worst of it as I guess is normal of new moms… luckily my career path (all of them) have prepared me to function on little to no sleep… so I feel I’m ahead of the curve.

This being said, I’d love a good nap or sleep that lasts more than 2 hours. =)

I thought I understood the amount of diapers a newborn would “consume.” My lord. I need to buy stock in a diaper company.

Of course, I also never knew how much my heart would melt when this little precious girl smiles. She’s the boss. This much is clear now.

Wonder Woman


JAMES BODY 2019-01-11 Reply

You are clearly enjoying every minute of your new life experience Fred!

It seems like yesterday that I was doing the same stuff with my daughter – who is now a 23-year old graduate working for the BBC. It is incredibly rewarding to watch them grow and evolve with time – the sweet baby stage does not last for long…..

Have you mastered the ‘wobbly baby walk’ yet? One of the best kept Dad tricks in the book – that gives you the ability to invoke sleep mode on a restless babe at 2:30am….. Essential survival skills!

BTW – your Astricon 18 talk was the best yet – sadly I missed it due to Moderator duties in a parallel stream – but we do have the TMC-produced video (which is considerably better quality than previous years) for reference!

Fred Posner 2019-01-11 Reply

Thanks James!

I’m working on the walk, but definitely have the wobbly going 😉

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin if not earlier!

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