Yeni is at the wheel

We arrived in Chattanooga, TN around 5 PM to join Patrick, Jessi, and Fat Baby for dinner. Yeni and I shared the “pasta lovers” plate which was loaded with great meat and mushrooms. After enjoying a cannoli for dessert, Yeni took over driving and we’re now in Georgia. With luck we will be in South Florida within 15 hours.


Carter Ellis 2009-10-13 Reply

You posted that you had a canolli in Chattanooga. May I ask you where you got it! I have been looking for canolli’s since I moved back home from New Jersey.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Carter

Fred Posner 2009-10-14 Reply


We ate at Provino’s Italian Restaurant at 5084 South Ter # 5. I’d describe it as “ok.” 🙂

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