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Monday Morning Quarterback

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[Yeni's Family Post-Buffet][1]
Yeni's Family Post-Buffet

It’s Monday morning and the smell of coffee surrounds the home — courtesy of Yeni, who made a fresh pot on her way to work this morning. Her family has arrived in Ann Arbor and will be staying with us for a few weeks to celebrate the Holidays and a few birthdays.

Yesterday was Yeni’s father’s birthday which was celebrated with a “Day of Buffet.” First, we enjoyed the Bob’s Big Boy Brunch Buffet followed by joining Mike, Becky, Tina, and the kids for the dinner buffet (at the local Buffet house).  We then continued to stuff ourselves at Michael’s house with a celebratory birthday dessert and song (Christopher knows Happy Birthday in both English and Español).

Now it’s off to a fun filled week of work and travel…

On Friday, I’m headed to San Francisco for a quick weekend visit (my sister’s fiance Scott is graduating) and when I return, Yeni’s brother will be joining us.

Lot’s of family for the holidays.

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