So I am going to try out this blogger thing. I have no idea when or how often I’ll be able to post, but what the fuck… let’s give her a try.

Had a good weekend. The J4 Cruisers crew headed down to Ocala to try out a restaurant I had always wanted to try– Bella Luna. We took the long way, and a city 30 miles away was suddenly a 60 mile trip. But, that’s the whole point of a ride isn’t it?

We got to Ocala around 1:30pm or so and to our suprise, Bella Luna wasn’t going to open for lunch until 3. We didn’t feel like dicking around for a a couple of hours– and hey, we were hungry— so we headed across the street and had some steaks. From there it was off to the Ocala Harley dealership where I figured out what my next bike will be.. she’ll be a old police road king… and there’s a 100th Anniversary one that Clemenza and I found that will do just fine. 3 years old… 400 miles… less than 16k. 🙂

We took the direct way home and after eating WAY TOO MUCH for lunch I’ve reached an epiphany for weight– and basically it’s just time to reduce Fat Freddy to Fighting Weight Freddy. The transformation would begin today– but, let’s call today tomorrow– after all it’s not good to just quit cold turkey and I really needed some Chan‘s tonight to end my eating binges.

Sunday was a work day and I am still very excited about voice over internet. (Did you sign up for yet????) After working a bit, I donated blood (goal is to hit 6 times this year… I’m on 3) and brought home some Chan’s Chow Sim Sang (mmmmm). I was excited about the series finale of The West Wing, but have to admit I was a little disapointed. Kind of ended with a pffft instead of bang or blow out. 🙁

It wouldn’t be Sunday without the Soprano’s. Although, I’m not sure which I look forward to more… Soprano’s at 9pm or talking with Mom about the Soprano’s episode at 10pm. I will say that with Mama and Pop in Italy, watching the Soprano’s just wasn’t the same without the phone ringing as the credits roll.

Clemenza and BraziSchool starts tomorrow and with luck, it will finally end on August 12th.

Attached is a picture of Clemenza and me from Saturday’s ride.