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Yeni Weather Script
Yeni Weather Script

I have a new phone on my desk (or as Yeni calls it, the mesk). Why mesk? Combines messy and desk… but I digress (as usual).

As I was saying, I recently purchased a Polycom Soundpoint IP 450 phone. The phone is great — small foot print, clean, great speakerphone, and enables HD Voice. HD Voice is going to change the way we think of how phone calls sound. I admit, I was reluctant at first, but then I got to know Michael Graves; and after listening to him praise the benefits of HD Voice for many, many months, I decided it was time to embrace the technology.

Let me say this — HD Voice is amazing. I won’t say too much more, because I’m planning to write about it big time on VoIP Tech Chat and Team Forrest; but bottom line: HD Voice = amazing.

So the other nice thing about the phone? It has a little micro-mini browser. Which means what you ask? It means that know whenever Yeni asks me the weather… I can answer. A nice little Perl script checks the local Ann Arbor weather and gives me the temp (in F and C), current condition, and quick day’s forecast. The phone reads the website every 5 minutes and constantly displays the results. It’s nice. 🙂


Mike White 2009-01-03 Reply

Pretty cool… That is one geeky way of reminding yourself of how cold it is in Michigan.

Dave Michels 2009-01-04 Reply

Thanks for this. I got a great deal on IP550 phones throughout the house, and I can’t find much to with the browser. I am not a Perl type, but with your script I have a chance.


Fred Posner 2009-01-06 Reply

Dave, I posted that code for you over on VoIP Tech Chat. Here’s the link to the code: Perl Script to put Weather on Polycom. (Sorry for the delay)

Michael Graves 2009-01-04 Reply

Thanks for the mention! Now you’re ready to start making calls by SIP URI and your HD phone will show its benefit whenever possible. Maybe one day soon we’ll have a regular HD conference bridge for VUC calls. On conferences the benfits of HD are really appreciated.

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