I’ve been seeing these ugly ass shoes more and more lately. At first I didn’t even know how to describe them-they looked like 20% oompa loompa, 30% dutch boy, and 50% day glow 80’s chic. I couldn’t understand why these ugly, ugly, ugly, and dare I say ugly shoes were becoming popular.

On Easter, as the token Old school member, my good friends had a set for everyone in the family… Mom, Dad, and the girls. This gave me the perfect opportunity to ask why on God’s green earth would someone purchase these horrific looking shoes. “They’re called Crocs. Try them on.”

Almost like a drug dealer… he didn’t have to convince me… he let the product sell itself. And sadly, it worked. I thought they were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Ugly? Yes. Comfortable? Hell, yes.

So, now I have a pair of beach in Navy Blue (like the picture) and a Rugged Outdoor model in green.

It’s the moped of footwear. 🙂