Last night, after watching the ER finale, the news showed me something I could not believe. The President of the Detroit City Council, Monica Conyers, provided an interview to Fox News giving a statement which I would only expect to be heard on Jerry Springer. Monica Conyers stated:

No, I did not. I did not say she needs to get a man. But does she? And not be with everyone else’s man. Does she? I am just asking you. This is what her people say about her. I don’t know. (yes, there’s a video)

The news story is only 2 minutes long, go ahead and click play. You know you want to… after all, how often do you get to hear the president of a city council tell a widow to “get a man.”

Luckily, Councilwoman Conyers provides us with an example of why we need to completely change Detroit. If this is the chosen representative of Detroit, time to start packing up the house. But hey… it’s not like she would, I don’t know… debate an 8th Grader (seriously, you tell me the 8th Grader didn’t win)