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Next stop: Thanksgiving 2010

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[Curb Appeal? Not so much.][1]
Curb Appeal? Not so much.

Thanksgiving 2009 involved family, a road trip, and lots of yard work. Although Yeni and I made yet another trip to Florida, we sadly did not get the opportunity to visit all our friends and family “on the list.”

While traveling to sunny Fort Lauderdale, we took a pit-stop in Gainesville and checked out the house. The condition shocked us. It looked absolutely horrible and had what could only be described as negative curb appeal. We headed down to SoFla and knew we had to return and get down to business on some serious yardwork.

Borrowing a chainsaw from the old man, we quickly got to work on the thickest of foliage decorating the house.

The chainsaw proved no match for the Gainesville Growth and we ended up with a Home Depot run for reinforcements. A lot of yard work and a good amount of pressure washing brought the house to a more presentable condition; but there’s still more work to be done. The pressure washer gave out and well, it’s time had come. It lasted for a better part of 10 years and I can’t really complain.

For your entertainment, please “enjoy” the before and after.

[You can almost see the windows][2]
You can almost see the windows
[It screams to turn around][3]
It screams to turn around
[Once, a porch was here.][4]
Once, a porch was here.
[look ma, windows!][5]
look ma, windows!
[I knew I saw a porch there once][6]
I knew I saw a porch there once
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