Can you guess which WiFi network is mine?

Passive Agressive? Yes. Funny? Perhaps.

I’m no stranger to the fun and joy that comes from dog ownership. Let’s not forget that Forrest was 115lbs and as regular as could be. We tried (well, he couldn’t care actually, more realistically I tried) to be very considerate of private property when making our rounds. Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but… 

Letting your dog leave a big turd directly next to a driver’s door is one of two things: 1. It’s on purpose or 2. It’s by accident. However both have one thing in common — the asshole who walked away without doing a single thing (and I’m not talking about the dog).

Yes, I can see the humor in it. After all, I’m the guy that’s in his thirties and still find farts hilarious. That being said, leaving your dog’s shit on a driveway, walk, sidewalk, etc. is just a dick move. Bad form and one of the most un-neighborly actions a neighbor could take.

So yes, I’m the asshole who renamed his network “Pick up your Dog Shit.” I admit, this is also a dick move… but for the time being, I think it adequately expresses my current state of mind. And, well… I think a geek reaction is better than a few other ways I could think of handling the gift we received.