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Another truck, another 100k miles

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[100k miles, again][1]
100k miles, again.

I’ve owned a few Ford trucks. For a long time, I was very brand loyal to Ford– but that’s another story. This story is about my ass sitting behind the wheel for 100,000 miles, again. It may be the first time that this truck hit the 100k mark… but it’s not mine. 🙁

The first car I took past 100k was my 86′ Toyota Celica. Got that car used in 1990 (30k miles) and drove it until the axle disintegrated around 150k. I bought my Ford Ranger new off the lot in ’96. At 150k, I traded her in towards the Expedition I’m driving now. Bubba was a good ride… protected me when I got hit by a Greyhound bus, and Forrest just loved sticking his head out the rear window.

And now, for the third time, I’ve passed the 100k mark. I got this truck in late ’03, and even though I swore I’d never buy a new car again, Ford’s 0% financing was too hard to turn down (it was cheaper to finance new at 0% than buy used). This trucks been through 2 Michigan winters, a couple of hurricanes, and the brutal Florida summers. It’s the most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever driven… I’ve made the trip from Florida to Michigan more times than I can remember… and the truck probably knows how to drive there on it’s own.

At 100k, she’s still doing ok. She’s got a Bearkery logo on the back, and has been delivering some beautiful cakes weekly.

So, the scary part is thinking about sitting behind the wheel for 100k miles…

  • If I drove 100k miles at an average speed of 55 MPH for 12 hours a day… it would take more than 6 months.
  • If I averaged a fantastic 14.7 miles per gallon, like above, I would need a little more than 6800 gallons of gas. At $3/gallon, that’s a nice $20,000.
  • This is my third time driving my personal vehicle more than 100k miles. At 55 MPH, driving non-stop, that would be more than 9 months. 🙁

It’s great to have a vehicle completely paid off… and I certainly hope this one becomes the first truck I take past the 200k mark. =)

[Forrest and Bubba][3]
Forrest loved that truck.
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