Tovah Perrin
Yeni loves this jacket.

I blog about my family often. Why? Well, I love my family. Both my father and mother come from large extended families that treat family as family. We’re close. Over the years not physically close, but we remain a close-knit supportive family.

I may not talk to my cousins every month. Sometimes a year can go by. But with my family, I know that help is a phone call away. 24/7. No questions asked. Because that is what family is.

Today, a smile stretched across my face reading about my little cousin Tovah. I call her my little cousin not because she’s younger (which she is) but mostly because Yeni’s ever-so-slightly taller that her. =)

Why smile? Tovah was just named San Francisco’s Graphic Design Student of the Year. My first response? “Fucking A.”

I’ve talked too much already. Read the article. It’s awesome.

Way to go Tovah Perrin!!!