I live in the congressional district represented by Cliff Stearns; you know the asshole who sponsored the amendment requiring that all 9/11 first responders be screened by the Department of Homeland Security when they request care for chronic medical conditions.

I disagreed with Stearns’ amendment. I disagree with what the TSA/Department of Homeland Security has done to our rights. I thought Stearn’s amendment insulted those who helped without question, treated heros as criminals, and all-in-all was just an asshole move. I wrote him a letter explaining my thoughts and indicated that I’m an active voter.

Well, months after my letter, I received a response:

[Cliff Stearns is a lazy, worthless representative.][2]
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His reply was a classic “fuck you” non-response. His laziness allows him to be satisfied that a constituent receive a “…” in lieu of summary. His laziness allows him to be satisfied and take pride that he responded to a letter from a voter. He’ll even use this as a positive.

He’ll do it without my vote. This response only proved to me one thing.

Cliff Stearns is an asshole.