Cliff Stearns: Lazy, Worthless

I live in the congressional district represented by Cliff Stearns; you know the asshole who sponsored the amendment requiring that all 9/11 first responders be screened by the Department of Homeland Security when they request care for chronic medical conditions.

I disagreed with Stearns’ amendment. I disagree with what the TSA/Department of Homeland Security has done to our rights. I thought Stearn’s amendment insulted those who helped without question, treated heros as criminals, and all-in-all was just an asshole move. I wrote him a letter explaining my thoughts and indicated that I’m an active voter.

Well, months after my letter, I received a response:

Cliff Stearns is a lazy, worthless representative.
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His reply was a classic “fuck you” non-response. His laziness allows him to be satisfied that a constituent receive a “…” in lieu of summary. His laziness allows him to be satisfied and take pride that he responded to a letter from a voter. He’ll even use this as a positive.

He’ll do it without my vote. This response only proved to me one thing.

Cliff Stearns is an asshole.

By Fred Posner

Fred Posner provides VoIP consulting services through The Palner Group and For ten years, Fred helped his wife, Yeni Monroy, run Bearkery®, a family bakery in Gainesville, Florida. The bakery sadly closed during the COVID19 pandemic. Contact Fred at

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