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It's homecoming

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It’s homecoming… a weird concept if you happen to live in the town where you went to school… but nonetheless, a holiday the City of Gainesville takes very seriously. Yes, I said holiday.

You see, in town the schools are closed. Many businesses close their doors or have allowances for people to leave early. There’s a parade (which means UPS drivers come in a few hours early to make sure they can deal with the traffic/road closures).

Since my first go-around in college, I’ve not gotten into Homecoming that much. In the 90’s, I went ape-shit for it. We’d push the beer truck to a great location and watch the parade perched atop one of the best seats in town. There’d be drunken festivities throughout the week culminated by Gator Growl. Awesome concerts, comedians, and there may have been a football game– by game time I would be too drunk to care.

Anyway… to those still in the Gator Homecoming spirit, Happy Homecoming, let the gator growl, and all that jazz. To everyone else, happy Friday. =)

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