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Thoughts on CommCon SF 2024

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This year, CommCon went on tour.

The tour visited London and San Francisco; and since I’ve never been able to make a CommCon in person, I absolutely did everything I could to attend the US stop. Luckily, my presentation on APIBAN was accepted.

I headed out to the West coast for the June 12-13th show; looking forward to catch up with my good friend Dan Jenkins.

The event was held at Cloudflare’s San Francisco location and Cloudflare were truly gracious hosts. Lovely facility, very welcoming – a much different experience than I’ve had with other San Francisco tech companies (to say the least).

The quality of the show was literally top notch. I know Dan’s a good friend, but this was a very well run conference. Reminded me of some of the “better” events we had seen at the bakery. From the background music to the stage, everything was just very well put together.

Content was great (and you can see for yourself on their YouTube Channel). My presentation, Protecting WebRTC and SIP with APIBAN, is here.

Of course, I forgot to thank Ivan Nyarko during my presentation His help with APIBAN is appreciated every day.

I highly recommend attending CommCon.

Selected Photos

SFO has a Yoga room. I did not attend.

View from my room.

Sign @ cloudflare.


Day 1 workshop

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