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Kamailio World 2024: Thoughts

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tl;dr: New venue, amazing people, well run, good food, great content. Looking forward to 2025.

Got back recently from my trip to Berlin and absolutely loved this year’s Kamailio World. The 2 day event covered a variety of Kamailio/VoIP related talks, as well as some talks dealing with 5g, 6g, and even communicating in Space.

New Venue

Kamailio World took place at Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten – steps away from a train station, the Charlottenburger Tor (big gate), and a short walk from the Victory Column.

Many of us also stayed at the Novatel, allowing impromptu (and easy) socializing.

The previous location in Alexanderplatz had an amazing location, but this location had much better facilities, food, and of course hotel rooms. Of course, you can’t deny the abundant restaurants and shops in Alexanderplatz.

This said, I loved the new venue and with the train station a literal 2 min walk away, you had an amazing transportation network to take you anywhere in Berlin (including the airport) pretty quickly.


The Kamailio community covers a wide variety of businesses, use cases, and people. This said, Kamailians tend to be pretty friendly and eager to help. It’s great to see old friends and make new ones, and Kamailio World 2024 provided a great opportunity for both.


Sitting with Sandro Gauci and Ivan Nyarko

Thumbs up with Ivan Nyarko

Smiles with Lorenzo Miniero


Great presentations from a variety of companies, including Sipfront, Twilio, Pascom, Ring Central, Homer, Sipgate, and more– too many to list.

I presented on HTABLE vs Redis which is available on the Kamailio World youtube channel.

Was great to hear updates on CGRates as well as how Kamailio is used in a variety of companies and environments.


Looking forward to the next Kamailio World. Daniel/Ramona did a great job (as usual) for 2024 and the feedback (and food) was very positive. I’m grateful to be part of this community!

Fred presenting at Kamailio World 2024

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