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Git Stash Drop

Posted . ~1min read.

There is a very simple way to remove that stash... just drop it.

Tagged: git

Phishing Mail

Posted . ~2min read.

Phishing attacks are getting better and better...

Tagged: Apple

Thoughts on CommCon SF 2024

Posted . ~2min read.

CommCon went on tour in 2024, and I spoke at the San Francisco stop.

Tagged: APIBAN SIP CommCon

See you at ClueCon 2024

Posted . ~1min read.

Cluecon, a conference centered around FreeSWITCH, VoIP, and WebRTC, will be held in Chicago from August 12-15th, 2024. This year, I will present regarding running FreeSWITCH and Kamailio at scale.

Tagged: FreeSWITCH Kamailio ClueCon

Kamailio and TLS_WOLFSSL

Posted . ~1min read.

Just about 2 years ago, Kamailio announced an alternative to libssl tls library with the wolfssl project. Here is a quick install.

Tagged: Kamailio SIP

Kamailio World 2024: Thoughts

Posted . ~2min read.

Kamailio World 2024 took place in Berlin, DE from April 18-19, 2024. A great event with amazing presentations and community.

Tagged: Kamailio SIP

APIBAN now integrates with fail2ban

Posted . ~1min read.

APIBAN now can add ip addresses directly to your favorite iptables jail. Geared mostly for freepbx, this solution provides the benefits of apiban data to the existing tools used.

Tagged: SIP Security APIBAN FreePBX Asterisk

I tried to buy an iPhone

Posted . ~4min read.

I tried to buy an iPhone 15 and Apple failed multiple times.

Tagged: Mac iPhone Apple

Kamailio World 2024: Coming Soon

Posted . ~1min read.

Kamailio World 2024 will take place in Berlin, DE from April 18-19, 2024. See you in Berlin!

Tagged: Kamailio SIP

New (Old) Look for the Blog

Posted . ~1min read.

Another day, another template (not so much)

Tagged: SIP

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