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Windows on Apple?

Posted . ~4min read.

One of the blogs I read religiously is Graves on SOHO Technology. Recently, Michael [Graves] posted an article about “shedding weight.”

I’ve gotten to know Michael over the years through the VoIP Users Conference. He’s a great resource to the VoIP community and takes Halloween displays to the epic level.

But I digress…

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Google Search Scares Me

Posted . ~1min read.

I’m sure you’ve googled. Who hasn’t. Well, based of course on the popularity of what others across our great world are searching, Google often “suggests” what you might want to search for; based on what you’ve typed in that google search box. Well… what others are searching for doesn’t just scare me, it scares the bejesus out of me. But now I understand exactly where we may be heading.

Today I made the mistake of typing why does in the google search… and well, I was presented with:

Click for Full Size

Don’t get me wrong. I love poop questions as much as the next guy… but really? So then I started to see what others were looking for and well, here’s a few examples:  

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So Many Boxes…

Posted . ~1min read.

We’re packing away… although “we” is mostly just Yeni; who is packing like a woman possessed. We’re heading out on Wednesday and looking forward to a change of view.

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Geeky Item of the Day – Free CNAM

Posted . ~5min read.

Ok, if you use Asterisk (or a Do It Yourself type VoIP service), you sometimes do not receive the CNAM (think Caller ID with Name data) from your carrier. Well, since geeks like information and anything “free,” there’s a simple way to use the internet to do a reverse number lookup query. So, if you’re a technical type, keep reading… otherwise, non-geek posts will return very soon.

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Buffy's back

Posted . ~1min read.

The WB network is relaunching online. While many people may not care, knowing that Buffy the Vampire Slayer can be viewed online is quite exciting for me.

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Voip Tech Chat

Posted . ~1min read.

So, Patrick and I have been making these chats on voip, called (or as Patrick would say Interestingly enough called) VoipTechChat. We’ve even made a website for it called… wait for it… VoipTechChat.

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Thou shalt not ride on Sundays

Posted . ~1min read.

So I tried another Sunday ride this week… had a great run to Orlando’s house and then was hoping to get to Sonny’s for AYCE Beef Brisket (yum).

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