So, yesterday I got my electricity bill and it was a little over 180 bucks. It’s Gainesville and hot, so I expected a decently high electricity bill. Add air conditioning with more cooking (and a bunch of hot showers) and $180 is expected.

Of course, my real electricity bill is $150. There was $30 in taxes. 

The actual numbers are $151.33 for utilities and $30.46 for tax. This means, that 17% of my electricity went to taxes.

Wireless phones are no better… 10% tax.

So, where am I going with this? Lately, we’re hearing all about the Buffett Rule and how his secretary is taxed at a higher percentage and yatta yatta yatta. While attention is being thrown on trying to pit the poor against the rich, the “poor” (aka those of us that aren’t millionaires) are getting a tremendous amount of our income taken from us by governments.

These taxes, government surcharges, and fees add up to a snowball effect.

In the meantime, we sit here like lap dogs and listen to others say how we need to tax the mega rich more… instead of us all paying less.