Before I get started on why this town needs an enema, let me state (for the record) that Jack Nicholson as the joker is pure money. Amazing. Also, yes I think Christian Bale is a great Batman — but Michael Keaton rocked. Just saying.

But I digress… this post is really about money. Real money. Real debt. Real dollars. Real Assholes. 

Former Governor Jesse Ventura
He ain’t got time to bleed.

I continue to be surprised by people (intelligent, well educated people) falling into the Democrats/Republicans, Left/Right, Red/Blue arguments that keep our country on a course for disaster. Say what you want about Jesse Ventura, but the man did say (referring to the two party system):

They could care less about the public. The public comes in third. Number one is keeping their power. Number two are the special interests, the people footing the bill. Finally, the public good might be third — if they can profit from it. If there’s no profit, they could care less.

Jesse Ventura

Every time I call out Obama on something I don’t like, I get accused of being pro-Bush or pro-Republican. I even get accused of being a “Paul supporter.”

First, this isn’t correct. I’m a proud independent and a card-carrying NPA (no party affiliation) voting citizen. Secondly, these people illustrate my two-party system point perfectly.

You’re criticizing Obama? Well my goodness, I must be one of those Red State, Church voters. Insert Bush statement here.

It’s funny– as I did criticize Bush… and Clinton… and the other Bush… and Jeb Bush… (although until the Terri Schiavo and Gambling agendas, I did like Jeb). I was for Charlie Crist (Republican) until he had his testicles removed. I think the greatest governor of Florida was Bob Graham (Democrat).

But I digress.

While people bicker over Obama and Romney, this country is borrowing $0.40 of every dollar we spend.

No level of taxing can support our spending. Period.

We can tax 100% of profits from corporations and the top 2% and still not cover a year of our spending. We spend that much.

There is no fiscal control from the Democrats or the Republicans to get this resolved. We cannot stop this just with taxes. It will need some tax increases and an enormous amount of spending cuts to avoid us collapsing.

None of the two parties are willing to address our spending in any manner whatsoever…. and it will end us.

I’ve talked about Gary Johnson before. He’s running for President. It’s time to consider that a party that fiscally conservative and socially liberal supports our country pretty damn well. They say a third party candidate can’t win. They said that about Jesse Ventura, too.

Here’s a great video from Tony Robbins explaining the financial situation we’ve allowed our government to create.