Niagara Falls Tight Rope Thoughts

Tight Rope
ABC News

So, first let me say that I couldn’t do it. I’m sure I would have fallen within the first 20 feet. That being said… Something about having a tether on makes the tight rope crossing of Niagara Falls less impressive for me.

Here’s the real kicker — he was forced to wear the safety tether.

There’s something about accomplishing something at the risk of death that makes it, well “death defying.” Conversely, accomplishing a dangerous feat while knowing that you will not die… is not death defying.

Why the tether? ABC wouldn’t broadcast him without it.

Untethered, we will not be broadcasting a live image of him. — Jeffrey Schneider, senior vice president at ABC News

So… accomplish a death defying feat seen by none or accomplish a harnessed feat seen by millions. Tough call for the performer, who opted for the later.

By Fred Posner

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