I do use a variety of statistical data to review the websites I administer — and while I will monitor and review the others very often, I review FredPosner.com about twice a year… and with that long winded introduction, I present… 2013: The Year That Was at FredPosner.com.

The Top 3 Most Viewed Pages of 2013

  1. No, You Cannot Scan My ID (aka the Target rant)
  2. Jawbone Jambox Reset
  3. Bourbon vs. Whiskey

The Top 3 Key Words/Phrases of 2013

  1. benjamin franklin
  2. bourbon vs whiskey
  3. fred posner

The Top 3 Referring Sites of 2013

  1. reddit.com
  2. google
  3. twitter

The Top 3 Web Browsers Visiting during 2013

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox

Thank You!

In 2013, over 12,000 unique visitors from 128 different countries checked out FredPosner.com. For a personal site, this is an amazing honor. Compared to the traffic we get at Dream Day Cakes®, the traffic here is nothing… but again, this site has pictures of bears holding hands, my annual Thanksgiving message, rants about Target, Rubio, Politics, and occasional photos of my odometer.

Trivial for you… my favorite post last year was the Facebook, I’m Breaking Up with You rant.

Thank you again!